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Chestnut Tree House - www.chestnut-tree-house.org.uk
A Sussex based hospice that provide specialist respite care and support for families with severely ill children. The work the carers do is amazing. Their works should be known to the world. Click on the link to view and please your support.
Children with Leukaemia - www.leukaemia.org
A national charity dedicated to conquering childhood leukaemia, improving current treatment and funding much needed research. Your support is greatly appreciated.
Dave for Hire - www.davebensonphillips.co.uk/index2.htm
If you wish to hire Dave Benson Phillips, simply click on the link and look for 'Dave For Hire'.
Ents24.Com - www.ents24.com
Book your tickets to see Dave Benson Phillips shows with ents24.
ETM Ltd. - www.artistsuk.com
The company responsible for booking Dave's Big '07 Tour.
Heart Transplant Families Together - www.htft.org.uk
A great organization who help families whose lives have been affected by heart and lung transplantation. These people do great work and could do with your support.
International Artistes - www.intart.co.uk
If you want Dave for television, radio and video work, contact Phil Dale or Charlie Hunt.
Keep Worthing & Southlands Hospitals - www.kwash.org.uk
Red Alert: Your hospitals are at risk! Sign up to support the KWASH campaign!
Makaton Vocabulary Development Project - www.makaton.org
A method of communication based on British Sign Language and used by people around the world. Used on PLAYDAYS, SOMETHING SPECIAL, and of course the MAKATON NURSERY RHYMES with Dave Benson Phillips.
Pre-School Learning Alliance - www.pre-school.org.uk
An organization specializing in the care, education and development of early years children. They are a very large group with many nurseries and playgroups and some 800,000 children in their care.
Speak Easy Agency - www.speak-easy.co.uk
These are Dave's Voiceover agents. If you want Dave's voice to work for you, these are the people to speak to. Sarah Pickering is the person to speak to.
The Children's Charity (NCH) - www.nch.org.uk
This organization has been helping to improve children's lives for 140 years and their work is greatly appreciated. Please support them.
The Ultimate Pantomime Website - www.its-behind-you.com
Find out where Dave and his celebrity friends will be performing in the United Kingdom. Pantomime is a very British theatrical tradition that occurs once a year around Christmas time and the New Year.
UK Productions Ltd - www.ukproductions.co.uk
Specialists in putting on theatrical shows in the UK. Dave is going to do some pantomime work for them... and who knows, maybe the West End one day!
Anthony England: Composer and Arranger of Music - www.anthonyengland.co.uk
I have nothing but love and admiration for the way that Anthony England made the music for the GET UP AND GO! DVD and stage show. Big Bear and I think this man is a genius.
Tim Payne: Children's Entertainer - www.asillyjob.co.uk
A totally brilliant children's entertainer whom I've had the pleasure of working with on many occasions. If you ever saw the Playhouse Disney Live tours with Little Alex, you would have seen Tim dressed as a Milkman.
Tim Payne: Children's Entertainer - www.joelybear.org.uk
The Joely Bear Appeal. A charity dedicated to funding research, detection and treatment of cancer in young children.
12testing12 - www.12testing12.co.uk
Ian Lister is a great sound man to have in your corner. In a recent appearance in Southampton, he managed to drive to his home and back to provide me with speakers and a microphone within fifteen minutes of my asking him....impressive!

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Blog-style fan site related to all things Dave!
Short animation with sound. You have got to see this one!
An unofficial site NOT RUN BY ME. The person running this site is NOT the real Dave Benson Phillips. The site is well run... I'm quite jealous actually!... WARNING: STRONG LANGUAGE CONTENT... YOU MUST BE OVER 18 TO VIEW THIS LINK.

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