What programmes have you appeared in?
Playbus & Playdays for CBBC and CBeebies, Get Your Own Back! - CBBC, Fun Song Factory, Wake Up In The Wild Room - GMTV, Nick Junior, TCC - satellite, Petswap - Citv, Dream Street - Citv, Planet Cook - CBBC, Playhouse Disney, and loads of other programmes.
What jobs did you do before television?
All kinds of jobs. While in High School, I worked as an Usher at The Polka Children's Theatre in Wimbledon. I was smitten with the theatre business and began my apprenticeship to learn this business we call 'show'. I performed at a lot of children's parties when I should have been giving my full attention to my school work. My friend, Nick George and I did a lot of busking at Covent Garden, working alongside such greats as Eddie Izzard. I did a lot of shop and warehouse work when I left school. Two seasons as a Pontins Bluecoat, a brief stint in a Bournemouth Summer show, some care work for the Social Services. I was a Motorbike Courier for a while. I did loads of other jobs that I can only refer to as 'interesting work' before doing one season as a Children's Uncle/ Haven Mate for Haven Holidays in North Wales where I was discovered. But it was my season as a Street Entertainer at Chessington World Of Adventures where things really began to take off and I realised that entertaining children would be my full time job.
What do you prefer, stage or television?
I like both. Television because of the fact that I can perform to millions of people, plus I love the process of making a television programme. And the stage because I get to see the audience and the audience get to see me. Also, the disciplines of the stage are different from that of the studio - I get a buzz from both!
What is the gunge on GET YOUR OWN BACK! made out of?
Can't tell you, it's a secret. Believe me, you wouldn't want to know.
Do you present Ready Steady Cook?
No, that's Ainsley Herriot.
Is it true Johnny Depp is a fan of yours?
Yes it's true, he told me himself and I'm still amazed by that fact. We met at Pinewood Studios a couple of years ago when he was working on Charlie And The Chocolate Factory. We are both fans of each others work and I am pleased to say he was a very nice man.
Are you the voice of Milo the Tweenie?
No I'm sorry to say. I was offered the job by the company that made The Tweenies, but I couldn't do it because my manager persuaded them not to hire me, insisting 'I was too talented to be inside a suit'. My manager misheard what they wanted me to do. Bob Golding, a mate of mine did the voice of Milo, and he was totally fabaroony at it too. Rumour has it the description they gave Bob for the voice of Milo was 'imagine Dave Benson Phillips when he was five'...if this is true, thanks I'm extremely flattered!
Are you the voice of Bouma the Yeti on Planet Cook?
Yes, but I was also inside the suit too! Lost a lot of weight I can tell you!! TV Chef Kevin Woodford (he played Captain Cook) and I spent an absolutely insane six months filming that series - and we still call each other to say hello!
Are you married to Dawn French?
No, that's Lenny Henry. People get me confused with him quite a lot.
Does Little Alex have a phone number, and what is it please?
Oooh! You cheeky thing you...I'm not telling and that's that!!

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